Our creations embraces music and video production and the making of multimedia and videomapping systems, up to the staging of entire shows.


AM Artist was born inside the lab interadisciplinary laboratory, from the meeting between Andrea Montis (musician and other) and Simone Murtas (programmer and more)


All our projects are made from scratch and with proprietary software,.
Our purpose is to always offer something orignal and totally customizable.

Serpenti 75: The Sinuous Overture – Bulgari

Immersive and Interactive Room

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Portfolio: our works

Bulgari Serpenti 75:The Sinuous Overture (Seoul and Tokyo)

(Picture from https://www.maize.io/) AM Artist collaborated with Glulab and Maize for the installation of the immersive room “The Sinuous Overture” during events in Tokyo and Seoul to celebrate the 75th[…]

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Deinas – S’Argia

Real-time Audio-Reactive Generative Graphics. The show “Deinas,” produced by Il Crogiuolo di Cagliari, the theater company directed by Rita Atzeri, narrates the relationship between the divine and the human through[…]

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Scripta Volant II

Graffiti virtuali per tutti!

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Music, Theatre, Dance

Performing art is one of our favorite activities.
The integration of projections, light, music, voice and movement offers an incredible range of expressive possibilities.

Take a look at our productions and collaborations

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AM Artist has an acoustically treated space, complete with all the tools, equipment and skills needed for professional-grade recordings and music productions

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Our offer includes courses and lessons in music, video and music production and multimedia programming. Laboratory, class or individual lessons are possible

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LAB VEGA is a coworking space for professionals working in the fields of architecture, arts and design, in which it organizes cultural events, training activities and consultancies.

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We invent, we assemble, we try, we disassemble, we try again… this is how our ideas borns!

The Team

AM Artist

We explore the world of multimedia arts, merging music, video, computer science and theatre with the latest interactive technologies and with the latest electronic devices.
Videos, music, visuals, shows, installations… we like to do everything!

Andrea Montis

Musician and graphic artist, he graduated as a music producer at the C.P.M. in Milan and later earned a degree in Electronic Music.
His activities range from composing music for shows to producing videos and documentaries.

Simone Murtas

Computer scientist of the first era, he has more than twentyfive years of experience in the field of software and web production.
Passionate about music and visual arts, he has always wanted to explore the creative implications of computer science in the graphic, video and music fields.

Film making

Music video clips, sports videos, documentaries, animations…

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Lab Vega

Need a workstation to work?
Come to our coworking!

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