Bulgari Serpenti 75:The Sinuous Overture (Seoul and Tokyo)

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(Picture from https://www.maize.io/)

AM Artist collaborated with Glulab and Maize for the installation of the immersive room “The Sinuous Overture” during events in Tokyo and Seoul to celebrate the 75th anniversary of Bulgari’s Serpenti collection.

The interactive room is composed of mirrors, 12 LCD screens, a 16-channel audio system, and a scenic reference to the shapes of the “Serpenti” jewelry collection.

Some elements of the scenography are touch-sensitive and activate the interactive mechanisms of the system.

The jewelry is displayed with all its refined details through macroscopic representations. The audio, derived from the main track of the Serpenti 75 campaign, focuses on the concept of “immersion,” utilizing spatialized rhythms and melodic elements to create an engaging auditory environment. Meanwhile, the room, centered on flexibility, contributes to completing the immersive sensation and the almost organic response of the space to user interaction, through soft and sinuous interactive structures.

The project won three BEA 2023 awards: 1st place “best execution” 1st place “road show” 2nd place “celebration/commemoration

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