Deinas – S’Argia

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Real-time Audio-Reactive Generative Graphics.

The show “Deinas,” produced by Il Crogiuolo di Cagliari, the theater company directed by Rita Atzeri, narrates the relationship between the divine and the human through myths and songs of ancient Sardinia.
It is a circular story that encompasses all stages of life: birth, youth, maturity, and death.
A cycle linked to the changing of seasons and the work in the fields.
The narrative is entrusted to the “Deine” – witches, fortune-tellers, seers, and fairies.

AM Artist contributed to the staging by creating real-time audio-reactive generative graphics as visual backgrounds to accompany the performances and the music composed by Stella Veloce and Carlo Spiga, featuring the voice of Clara Murtas and inspired by Clara Murtas’ text.

Act V: S’Argia (The Dance)
The dance of Argia, a ritual of exorcism, takes form through a material and living figure that moves to the rhythm of song and music.
Although always the same in essence, it changes in shape and color, representing now the microscopic, now the macroscopic.
Pulsating around its core, like a single cell, it then contracts and expands to follow the group dance, enveloping itself like a galaxy.
The power of magic touches all scales of the universe.