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Countdown 2021 – TouchDown

TouchDown New Year’s Eve at home for everyone: we project from the windows. “Spontaneous” mapping born among the members of the TouchDesigner Italia community.

Our wishes fo 2021

Our best wishes for 2021. Idea and voice by Tina Siddu English translation: I don’t want to wish you a more beautiful or a more peaceful 2021, instead I want to wish you to be strong and courageous to never give up whatever happens and I dedicate the phrases of 2 great women to you:…
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Workshop: “Visual Stage with TouchDesigner”

If you want to explore the world of projections, animated graphics and interactivity, with particular reference to live performances, this is your chance.

Deep fake in real time

How to animate, paintings, drawings and photographs with facial movements, in real time!

DMX and Kinect: moving lights with hands

Our system, in TouchDesigner, to dimmer and move DMX lights with the movement of the hands.

Playing PacMan with Kinect

New project, absolutely useless, but real funny!


A flock of birds plays and dances above the sea, at sunset, to the music: “Turning of a key” by Michael Gettel.


A projector, a wall and a lot of imagination, these are the ingredients to create the magic of video mapping. Whether it’s small or large buildings, enclosed or open spaces, we are always looking for public engagement, often making them an active part of our projections. We can design whole shows and adapt projections and…
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Virtual puppet

A patch that allows children to draw their own characters and animate them!

AM Artist won first round!

Simone “Simplo” Murtas from AM Artist won the first round of the  Interactive and Immersive Championship!