25 Aprile: covid quarantine

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Wanting at all costs to celebrate April 25 as Liberation Day, in general, and not being able to go out on the street or screen in public, we decided to make do at home.

To recall the idea of ​​Freedom, in a particularly oppressive situation like this, we wanted to recreate a video mapping in the space of a reconstructed miniature square, collected, on a human scale, almost an open but protected environment, where you can give vent in color and light.

Colors and light dictated by the imagination of our friends’ children, probably those who, at present, covid or non-covid, have the highest risk of freedom.

This is why we invited them to give their artistic contribution to represent their thought of Freedom.

The event was live broadcasted on Facebook on Facebook at 9:30 pm on April 25th.

to all children who have freely participated
to Stefania Dore for the design of Free Italy
to Andrea Montis for the song “Resist (Bella ciao)”
to Michael Gettel for the song “Windows and walls”
to all those who resist!