“Poesia Aumentada” (augmented poetry)

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Interactive generative graphics projected on holographic cloth. Animations on the texts allowed the audience to follow the metrics and logic of the structural construction of the poem, while abstract animations, based on the reaction to the sound and images of the actors themselves, underlined and accompanied the evolution of music and verses.

Show of extemporaneous poetry and new technologies.

The Sardinian language, the tradition of improvised island poetry, and the new digital technologies. An intertwining capable of upsetting and innovating the way of making poetry and theater in the year 2020.
“Sa cantada”, a complex tradition of improvised poetry in the Campidanese language, is brought to the stage by young poets through an original and digital narrative, which brings the public closer to the highest and most refined expression of Sardinian culture, an ancient knowledge steeped in history, values morals, irony and rhetorical skills.
Improvising in verse is a complex and fascinating art that today risks disappearing. Accompanied by the guitar, the poets talk to each other by intoning mutetus, metric forms typical of the Sardinian tradition, dealing with the most varied themes through a complex system of similes, metaphors, analogies.
The show “Poesia Aumentada” will allow the spectator to rediscover sa cantada, meet young Sardinian poets, digital natives, in theatrical competition with new technologies.

On stage the improvising poets:
Simone Monni (from Burcei)
Luca Panna (from Quartu S. Elena)
Alla chitarra: Mario Aledda (from Burcei)

Direction and dramaturgy: Ilaria Nina Zedda
Techonolgy direction and lights: Marco Quondamatteo
Digital creative team: Claudia Pupillo, Simone Murtas.
Sound engineer: Elvio Corona
Scientific advice by the ethnomusicologist Marco Lutzu.
Production: DOMOSC-Domos de Sa Cultura.